Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Today I'm interested in talking about love in my entry. Why? I have no idea. (;
*mentang-mentang sedang dilamun cinta! HAHA.* 
Back to the main point.


 Love is a wide scope. It may be the love of our Lord. Our prophet. Our family. Also, people of the opposite sex. But today, people thought that love was a game. In fact, ancient people think love is sacred, born from a sincere soul. *wow. ayat aku.. power! xD* 

I probably have no right to question the sanctity of love you all. But, I'm just giving my opinion deems appropriate. It's up on themselves to judge how valuable the love you all.
Maybe I'm too serious about the topics I consider this day. But, the fact, I really think love is a matter that is within us all. Including animals. They also have feelings of love and affection. True not all younger? Ngee~ (;

Up here I only post this time. Do not worry, tomorrow is still there. Insya-Allah. As long as the sun was shining on the earth, so long as the moon light, as long as the stars twinkling, as long as the blog that I will continue to animate. (;
May you all continue to read all expressions of the heart of a simple girl.

Thank you for reading!

♥syaza aqillah

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