Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TAG. (:

 Hye2. Salam semuanye. Okeh2. Straight to the point. I've got tag. ;) Tag ni diberi oleh fara murni dua ke tiga ari yg lepas. ta sempat je nk buad. jd kena langsaikan hutang..
HUHU. (:

"once you have been tagged,you are supposed to write a note with 25 random,things,facts or goal about you.at the end,choose 25 people to be tagged.you have to tagged the person who tagged you.if i tag you,its because i want to know more about you."

  • Firstly, my full name Syaza Aqillah binti Ahmad Kudori.
  • I'm born on 21st December 1992. *yeah! i'm getting old*
  • Place of birth; Hospital Universiti Kuala Lumpur(HUKL).
  •  Attended school in Tadika PASTI[97-98], SKHicom[99], SKPU(1)[00-04], SMKUSJ23[05-08], SMKTS[08{8months}]. *move back to SMKUSJ23[08-09] 
  • On kindergarten, ever had an embarrassed incident when I was pee in my kindergarten pants.*it's ashamed incident that I ever had!*
  • I ever had an accident on 2002 when I came home from school.
  • I've got my first love on 13 y/o. *puppy love. ngee~*
  • I've got my first hand phone also when I was 13th y/o on 2005 which is NOKIA brand 2300. 
  • Got a power which is School Prefect on 2006.
  • Ever had slapped a boy on 2006 because he said me 'bastard'! *so rude!!*
  • I have lost my beloved mother on 15th September 2006.*i miss u, mama*
  • I trough my PMR life with a difficult on 2007, because I've lost a person that always being my supporter. 
  • At SMKTS on 2008, I was scolded by a girl that accused me for seized her boyfriend. *damn!*
  • On October 2008, me and my friend being the extras for HuaHuaHua movie. *got RM30,HAHA*
  • 2009; had a bigbig exam which is SPM. *scary*
  • Ever took a tuition, but for a while. Then I did my own revision. 
  • Before SPM, I've got news that I have to go to PLKN! *OMG!!* 
  • Early 2010; me= the success unemployed. 
  • On March 2010, got first job, JUKEBOX! *excited!*
  • June 2010; my request to further study are successful!! *yeah!*
  • 19June; away to KSP, Mantin.
  • I have being the Scout Leader for Bravo(Scorpion) Wirawati. 
  • 2 September; crying like crazy because need to leave the KSP!! *sadsad*
  • Fourth Eid without beloved mama.
  • Now, counting days til 28th November. (:

Now, I have to spread this tag to 25 peoples. What? 25?? Oh no!! :D
So, lets start!
Done!!! Nombor bukan berdasarkan ranking okeh. Senang untuk saya mengira. ;D
Bubye sume. 

♥syaza aqillah


Anonymous said...

kena wat ye dek..hehe:p

Duniaku Syurgaku said...

yewlah kak oit. hehe. :D

Amyna said...

Ohh.. tersenarai juga ka?

OrenLimau said...

hhehe..thanks!dh buat.nah!!!


RuSh D said...


Amirrah Zawani said...

dah jumpa klik.. hehe!!

thanx tag saya..
sy dah penah buat... :D


fynAz123 said...

hai syaza..
thanks 4 tagging me..
nanti i buat eh..
kene cari mase sket nih..
orait babe...:)