Friday, January 14, 2011

Deep inside my heart.

I'm totally out of control when I talk shit to you. This is my fault I know. *sigh* But, the rest is yours. You make me became like this. Til I lost my temper, I can't control myself. Sorry for being rude to you. But you never care my feelings. So, u deserve it. Even my temper was going normal, still I can't forgive what you have done. I don't care what people keep mumbling bout me. Because only me that felt it not anybody. And only me that know that you had totally fucking hurts me. Yes, ego is part of myself. That's why I've never ask a forgiveness from you. I am not angel. Nobody is perfect. As long as we are human, we never to be perfect.

So, all that I could say is deep inside my heart, I still care bout you