Sunday, January 2, 2011


Happy New Year. Even a bit late, but, still, i wanna wish you all,

err, sedar ta sedar, we have been move into 2011. 2011 ! It's been a new year. Everything's must be new. ;DD So, here. My moment in 2010. Now, it's been a sweet memories. 

Go to National Services. aww. it's fantastic moment, okayyh.  =)

Declared with Fakhrul Che Umar. it's always be a sweet moment ever. x)

Got offered from PSIS, it's a lil challenging at first. ;)

Having a 1st family day at FRHS, Perak since my mom passed away. ;')  

Got twin! Twinnie; Eva Muncet! iloveyou! ;DD

 Got Blackberry Flip Pearl 8820. ♥

Got new lappy. old lappy? threw it oredy. xDD ♥♥

Get closer wif my host bro; Fauzan, Hairi ! ;))

and also with my lovely bbff; Ashyraf Nadzri. yeah! ily, friend!

and also my lovely cendol ;Qyll Qyla. ;D

Yeah. That's all! 


mr E oSk gurL said...

waah...nice...d0 look at mine bl0g is juz simple as i am...lg pn bz la...x smpat nk update sgt...

Duniaku Syurgaku said...

hehe. thanxx.. ;)

mr E oSk gurL said...

you've never ask....sbb tu x cite...xkn x tya dia??bnda dh jd pn...the day is the most painfull day n the year is the w0rst year...btw,ask him if u want a better answer...but never t0 mention me in all of your question f0r him...

mr E oSk gurL said...

btw...saya x salahkn awk la....rilex saya dh pnah ckp lelaki mmg begitu...dh tertulis sume ni nk jd... apa leh wat...