Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I've a spirit,yaawh! :)

Hey peeps. So long no update lah. mcm out-to-dated blog ja. haih. ==' actually i am so busy lately. i had no time to blogwalking n post new entry. really miss my dodol. ouh, next week i have cuti!!! yeayy! seminggu tuh. balik, nak hang , nak format lappy kesayangan nie , nak manje2 dgn nyai , nak gulingguling dpn tb , nak gaduhgaduh dengan cik ca , n most important nak dancing with lovely D a m i a. ;)

here i come, TPP! ;D 
ouh, pasal my life kat poli, not so okay. having some crisis with room mate. hurm. its oke. hope evrythngs gonna b okae even its seems like, it never be. yesterday got micro n co-cu quiz. ouh, 10 minutes only 4 micro? watafish? aku lah yg paling menggelabah. tnggal 5 minit msih bwat graf. haih. ==' 

Dlm haty, msty mrkah ckop2 mkn. tp, hamper heart attack td, time kat kafe, got marks for that quiz. ohh!! i got 9.5/10. what? lg 0.5 to get full marks. ouh. careless. tertinggal Quantity. kalau ta dgn bangganya aku dpt 10. huhu. its oke syaza. its moral value. next time we have to careful. :)
hurm, tonight i want to sleep over at my twinnie room. nak tngok movie dgn twinnie kesayangan! hmmmwax 4 u, EvaMendez! ;D

eh, gottogo. nak mandi. i am sooo stinky. my stink like a skunk rite now. so, c u then. if i have a free time, i will update my dodol okay.

bye peeps!! 



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