Monday, January 31, 2011

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It's a Secret - Don't Tell

A story about a five year old playing hide and seek. He hides so well, no one finds him until he comes out several hours later.
Oh boy! Time for a game of tag. Oldest brother is the seeker so I have to hide extra good cuz he’s smart and will find me just like that. I gotta hide, but where? Behind the garage won’t work cuz he’ll find me quick. The barn is too easy. Maybe the chicken coop? Nope, it stinks like chickens in there. Wait, I know. The door leading under the porch is perfect. No one would think to look for me under there.

Pee-yew, it stinks under this porch. Momma was right about the cats using this as a sandbox. Wish I had picked another place to hide. Stinky cats! Too late now, I can hear brother seeking everyone out. I’ll just sit here quiet as a mouse. Hah hah hah! I can hear you out by the chicken coop brother! You thought I was there didn’t you? You’ll never find me over there!

It’s been a while and he hasn’t found me yet. What’s that I hear? Now all my siblings are looking for me. They’ve all been caught, but not me. They’ll never trick me into coming out to catch me. Wait, is that Dad I hear calling my name? Oh no, now I hear someone going to call Grandpa to help look for me. I’m not coming out now cuz I’m in really big trouble.

What to do… what to do? If I come out and say I heard them calling me, I’ll be in big trouble. Think, think! How do I get out of trouble. I know what to do! I’ll tell them I fell asleep while waiting. Now to put on the big act. Is that Grandpa’s voice? Heh heh heh! Now’s my chance. I’ll crawl out slowly and rub my eyes oh so sneakily. Now that I see Grandpa ambling towards me quickly, it’s time to say my line, "I feel asleep."

"Oh my, tator boy! You had us all worried!" says Grandpa. "You little devil, I’m just glad you’re alright, but next time try not to fall asleep and scare us like that okay?" says Dad. Whew! I pulled it off. Now to keep my mouth shut. And I did, for over 42 years. All the way up to this very day, I’ve kept the secret. When I hear telling of the story about how I crawled under the porch and feel asleep while playing hide and seek, I just nod my head in approval. When I hear how Grandpa found me crawling out from under the porch, half asleep, I just nod in approval. Once in a while, a kid pulls the wool over people’s eyes. So that’s one of my little secrets I’ve never revealed before. Don’t tell anyone now! 

Finee. You all have reads a story above? It's f***ing funny. I got this story from 
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