Sunday, February 20, 2011

mumble mumble and grumble. x)

hello peeps. i miss my blog. oh,, sumpah irritating dgn line wifi kat sini. rasa nak terajang jea. *who's gonna get my kick?* such a scum of the Earth! grr. ==' fine, nie pun update blog kat library. kalau tak, jgn nak berharap lah kan nak update blog.

ehh, look at my post title. lame. ==' got no spirit. feel like wanna go home. please, let me homeee. huh. *it's fucking dumbass*

bcoz of no fb-ing n fs-ing n blog-ing, i waste my time to watch full house, my girl, magika, hantu kak limah balik rumah, home alone 1 n 3, unstoppable, ngangkung, jgn pndang blakang congkak 1 n 2, baby n i, n much moree. *thanx to cik sa's boyfren for those movie* x)

what's time now? got to go. huh. thats y i dun like to update blog here. limited time. next sem gonna use berokbang. ups. typing error. broadband. okay. will updte again, soon. ;)

err, tetibe gmbar katun nie knape? >.<

p/s: ignore some harsh words. fyi, this is my true colors.
dun like to pretend to be smebody. there's nobody perfect.
so dun raised urself too high. tak ke mane pun dgn 'ke-berlagak-an' kamu.
u may feel proud of urself now, but on future, no one knows.

thanx. xoxo.

loads of loveee,
♥ ♥ ♥

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