Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dia nak kahwin. ;(

Dia dulu selalu bawak aku jalan jalan 

shopping, movie, holiday

we both laughs together, shared everything together, had fighting, n all those stuff is make my every second of my life being a valuable. 

but now, dia dah nak kahwin. afta this we have no more do those thingy anymore. sedihnyaa. 

nape kau kawin. nape kau tak bagi aku kawin dulu. 

sampai hati kau nak tinggalkan aku kann. 


takpelahh, aku faham, jodoh kau dah tiba. 

Heppy Wedding Day

to my dearest auntie. 

this is my wish for you. 

: just be a good wife to your husband, and never ever forget your kinda nice niece @ me. ;D oh, after this, i just hope that u hve lil time to spend with me. thanks for every single moment all this time. may Allah bless your household and may your relationship will be long lasting. Amin. :)

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